Chalk Art Contest

As a part of a fun day of art, music, and food, the Arts Alliance of Greater Jefferson is now adding a Chalk Art Contest to the Annual Jefferson Art Walk on July 25th, 2015.  We are seeking participants of all ages (solo and groups) to register for this contest.

As a registered artist or group, you will get a set of sidewalk chalk (see rules for specific details) and a square of sidewalk to work with. Squares will be assigned upon check-in on the morning of the event.

Event Categories and Prizes:
Prizes were generously donated from local Jefferson businesses!
One prize will be awarded in each of the following 4 categories:
• ADULT SOLO ARTIST – Over 18 PRIZE: $25 Gift Certificate ~ Brickhaus Café
• JUNIOR SOLO ARTIST – High school (Age 14-18) PRIZE: $25 Gift Certificate ~ Wedl’s Hamburger Stand
• YOUTH SOLO ARTIST – Under 14 PRIZE: $25 Gift Certificate ~ Burger Corner
• FAMILY/TEAM/GROUP ARTISTS – Must have 1 lead artist 18 years of age PRIZE: $25 Gift Certificate ~ Neighbors Grill & Pizza
No entry fee.
Preregistration is required. Entries will be processed in the order they are received.
Southwest corner of Center Avenue and Racine Street/Hwy 18 in Jefferson, WI

More Details, Rules, and Registration Form can be found on this form:

Chalk Art Contest 2015